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     * Marco Turchi, FBK, Italy (**Chair**)\\     * Marco Turchi, FBK, Italy (**Chair**)\\
     * Matteo Negri, FBK, Italy\\     * Matteo Negri, FBK, Italy\\
 +    * Roldano Cattoni, FBK, Italy\\
     * Sebastian Stüker, KIT, Germany\\     * Sebastian Stüker, KIT, Germany\\
     * Jan Niehues, Maastricht University, Netherland     * Jan Niehues, Maastricht University, Netherland
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   * Duygu Ataman, U. Zurich, Switzerland   * Duygu Ataman, U. Zurich, Switzerland
   * Elizabeth Salesky, JHU, USA   * Elizabeth Salesky, JHU, USA
-  * Evgeny Matusov, ​Aptek, Germany+  * Evgeny Matusov, ​AppTek, Germany
   * Frank Seide, Microsoft, USA   * Frank Seide, Microsoft, USA
   * Hieu Hoang, U. Edinburgh, USA   * Hieu Hoang, U. Edinburgh, USA